Ron Velin Coaching

compassionate coach, tireless guide, pathfinder

Listening between the lines for your hidden heart-song

Are you looking to authentically explore your inner world so you can be fully engaged on your own true path?

Does the idea of having a devoted guide who can get you to your desired place of freedom make you feel hopeful?

Ron offers the skilled, insightful know-how to take you there.



An Integrative Approach

Pulling from his unique life journey, Ron integrates his experiences with business, spiritual practice, meditation, public speaking and music. Ron offers a unique and effective coaching experience for his professional clients. This experience leads to enhanced freedom, joy, creativity, courage and success for those he works with – allowing them to better lead and offer their benefits to the world. 

“I have come to better understand myself, my career and my life aspirations.”

– Sandra Shaw


Opening Inner Doors

Ron’s compassionate & intuitive coaching approach opens the inner doors within your personal life . In doing so, your underlying consciousness, your deepest intentions and identity are revealed. Ron tenaciously works with you to find answers & insights, removing underlying obstacles and partnering with you. With Ron as your guide, you will reach the awareness, contentment and the freedom of clarity you seek. 

“Ron allows you to deduce what your heart really wants with stunning authenticity, limitless patience, compassion and wisdom.”

– Shaya Sy-Rantfors